Course Numerical Methods 2016/2017

Programming exercises: There are two programming exercises, together valid for 1 'bonus' point. There will be two programming exercises, together valid for 1 'bonus' point.

Material from the lecture notes for examination: Numbered remarks and those parts of the notes marked with an asterisk are not required.

Old Exams: The written exams are in Dutch; students not fluent in Dutch should make an appointment for an oral exam.

Note: The contents of the course varies somewhat from year to year.

Some Matlab Material

Instead of Matlab you can use just as well Octave , or the closely related package Scilab .
These are free, open-source packages, with the same language structure and semantics.

Matlab Primer: a short primer by K. Sigmon (Univ. Florida) A more comprehensive introduction is given in the Matlab notes by David Griffiths (Dundee Univ.)
Matlab intro examples:
Additional Matlab examples: These files refer to some numbered Examples or Figures from the lecture notes.
Exa56.m is related to Example 5.6, Fig75.m is related to Figure 7.5, etc.

Translation between Matlab and Python/NumPy

A dictionary for translations between Matlab (or Octave) and Python/NumPy can be found at this link.