The Meta-Environment API


action - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.MenuItem
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MenuAction
activeView - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
add(ActionDescriptionList) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioMenuBar
add(ActionDescriptionList, Action) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioMenuBar
add(Event, Action) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioMenuBar
add(Event) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioMenuBar
add(JMenu) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioMenuBar
addAll(JMenu) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioPopupMenu
addComponent(StudioComponent) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.Studio
Register a StudioComponent.
addComponent(StudioComponent) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
addComponent(StudioComponent, String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImplWithPredefinedLayout
addComponent(StudioComponent, String) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioWithPredefinedLayout
addComponentMenu(StudioComponent, JMenu) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.Studio
Register a menu that is linked with a particular component.
addComponentMenu(StudioComponent, Event, Action) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.Studio
Register a menu that is linked with a particular component.
addComponentMenu(StudioComponent, JMenu) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
addComponentMenu(StudioComponent, Event, Action) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
addJob(String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiBridge
addJob(String) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTif
addJob(String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
addLayoutComponent(String, Component) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioStatusBarLayout
addLayoutComponent(Component, Object) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioStatusBarLayout
addMenuEvents(ATerm) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiBridge
addMenuEvents(ATerm) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTif
addMenuEvents(ATerm) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
addMenuPath(JMenu, Event, Action) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MenuBuilder
addNameChangedListener(NameChangedListener) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponent
Register a NameChangedListener.
addNameChangedListener(NameChangedListener) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
addSeparator() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioStatusBar
addStudioComponentListener(StudioComponentListener) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponent
Register a listener (usually the plugin that this Component belongs to, and the MetaStudio).
addStudioComponentListener(StudioComponentListener) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
addStudioComponentNameChangedListener(StudioComponent) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
addStudioComponentTooltipChangedListener(StudioComponent) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
addStudioPluginListener(StudioPluginListener) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.plugin.DefaultStudioPlugin
addStudioPluginListener(StudioPluginListener) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.plugin.StudioPlugin
Register a listener.
addTooltipChangedListener(TooltipChangedListener) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponent
Register a TooltipChangedListener.
addTooltipChangedListener(TooltipChangedListener) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
addUserProperties(Properties) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.Preferences


BOTTOM_LEFT - Static variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImplWithPredefinedLayout
BOTTOM_RIGHT - Static variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImplWithPredefinedLayout
bridge - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
bridge - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.DefaultPopupImpl
bridge - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MenuAction
bridge - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MenuBuilder
bridge - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MouseAdapter
buildMenuAction(ATerm, AbstractTool, Event) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MenuBuilder
This extension point implements the default reaction to a menu event, which is forward the event to the ToolBus
button(int) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MouseAdapter


checkInputSignature(ATermList) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTool
CLASSPATH_SEPARATORS - Static variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.plugin.PluginLoader
close() - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponent
Closes a component.
close() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
CloseAbortedException - Exception in nl.cwi.sen1.gui
CloseAbortedException() - Constructor for exception nl.cwi.sen1.gui.CloseAbortedException
CloseAbortedException(String) - Constructor for exception nl.cwi.sen1.gui.CloseAbortedException
CloseAbortedException(Throwable) - Constructor for exception nl.cwi.sen1.gui.CloseAbortedException
CloseAbortedException(String, Throwable) - Constructor for exception nl.cwi.sen1.gui.CloseAbortedException
componentClose() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentAdapter
componentClose() - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentListener
componentFocusReceived() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentAdapter
componentFocusReceived() - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentListener
componentMenus - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
componentNameChanged() - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.NameChangedListener
componentRequestClose() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentAdapter
componentRequestClose() - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentListener
componentsByView - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
componentTooltipChanged() - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.TooltipChangedListener
configFactory - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
connect(String, AbstractTool) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.Studio
Connect to the ToolBus.
connect(String, AbstractTool) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
constraints - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioStatusBarLayout
convert(MouseEvent) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MouseAdapter
createEmptyFileMenu() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
createFrame() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
createKeyStroke(ShortCut) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MenuBuilder
createMenuBar() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
createRootWindow() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
createRootWindow() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImplWithPredefinedLayout
createStatusBar() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
createThemesMenu() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
createURL(String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.plugin.PluginLoader
createView(StudioComponent, int) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
createViewsMenu() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
currentTheme - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl


DefaultPopupImpl - Class in nl.cwi.sen1.util
DefaultPopupImpl(AbstractTool) - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.util.DefaultPopupImpl
DefaultStudioPlugin - Class in nl.cwi.sen1.gui.plugin
A default implementation of a StudioPlugin for your convenience.
DefaultStudioPlugin() - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.plugin.DefaultStudioPlugin
deleteView(int) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl


event - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.MenuItem
event - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MenuAction
event - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MouseAdapter


factory - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
factory - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MenuAction
factory - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MouseAdapter
fill(JMenu, ATerm, ActionDescriptionList, Action) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MenuBuilder
Build a JMenu from a list of menu declarations in ATerm format.
findPluginMain() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.plugin.PluginLoader
Returns the name of the jar file main class, or null if no "Main-Class" manifest attribute was defined.
findSubMenu(JMenu, String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MenuBuilder
fireComponentClose() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
fireComponentFocusReceived() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
fireComponentRequestClose() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
fireNameChangedEvent() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
fireStudioPluginClosed() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.plugin.DefaultStudioPlugin
fireTooltipChangedEvent() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
frame - Static variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl


getAction() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.MenuItem
getATermFactory() - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.Studio
Get 'The' ATermFactory.
getATermFactory() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
getBoolean(String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.Preferences
getColor(String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.Preferences
getComponent(View) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
getComponentId(StudioComponent) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
getComponentMenus(StudioComponent) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
getDockingWindow(DockingWindow, String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImplWithPredefinedLayout
getDouble(String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.Preferences
getEvent() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.MenuItem
getFloat(String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.Preferences
getFont(String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.Preferences
getFrame() - Static method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
getFrame(Component) - Static method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioUtils
getIcon() - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponent
Tabs can be labelled with small icons too.
getIcon() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
getIcon(String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.Preferences
getInsets() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioStatusBarConstraints
getInt(String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.Preferences
getLayoutAlignmentX(Container) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioStatusBarLayout
getLayoutAlignmentY(Container) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioStatusBarLayout
getMenuBar() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioMenuBar
getMenus(StudioComponent) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
getName() - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponent
The name is used to construct labels of tabs.
getName() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
getName() - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.plugin.StudioPlugin
Get the name of a plugin.
getNewMessage() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StatusMessageEvent
getOldMessage() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StatusMessageEvent
getPreviousPopupEvent() - Static method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MouseAdapter
getSource() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioEvent
getStatusBarComponents() - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponent
The MetaStudio has a status bar at the bottom.
getStatusBarComponents() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
getString(String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.Preferences
getTooltip() - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponent
The tooltip is used to show when hovering the mouse over tabs.
getTooltip() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
getViewComponent() - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponent
The bridge to Swing is made here.
getViewComponent() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
getWeight() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioStatusBarConstraints
GuiBridge - Class in nl.cwi.sen1.gui
GuiBridge(ATermFactory, GuiTif) - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiBridge
GuiTif - Interface in nl.cwi.sen1.gui
GuiTool - Class in nl.cwi.sen1.gui
GuiTool(ATermFactory) - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTool


handler(ATerm) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTool


icon - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
id - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MenuAction
id - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MouseAdapter
id - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioMenuBar
idsByComponent - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
initialize() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
initPatterns() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTool
initSigTable() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTool
initStudioPlugin(Studio) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.plugin.StudioPlugin
The main method of a plugin.
insets - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioStatusBarConstraints
instantiatePlugin() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.plugin.PluginLoader
invalidateLayout(Container) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioStatusBarLayout


jobDone(String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiBridge
jobDone(String) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTif
jobDone(String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
jobQueue - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl


layoutContainer(Container) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioStatusBarLayout
listenerList - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
listenerList - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.plugin.DefaultStudioPlugin
loadJar(String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiBridge
loadJar(String) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTif
loadJar(String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
loadJarClasspath(String, String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiBridge
loadJarClasspath(String, String) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTif
loadJarClasspath(String, String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
loadJarUrls(String, ATerm) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiBridge
loadJarUrls(String, ATerm) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTif
loadJarUrls(String, ATerm) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
loadProperties(Properties, InputStream) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.Preferences


main(String[]) - Static method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
main(String[]) - Static method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImplWithPredefinedLayout
makeVisible(StudioComponent) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.Studio
Make a specific Component visible.
makeVisible(StudioComponent) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
maximumLayoutSize(Container) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioStatusBarLayout
menu - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioMenuBar
MenuAction - Class in nl.cwi.sen1.util
MenuAction(ATerm, AbstractTool, Event) - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MenuAction
menuBarUpdatePending - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
MenuBuilder - Class in nl.cwi.sen1.util
MenuBuilder(AbstractTool) - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MenuBuilder
menuBuilder - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioMenuBar
MenuItem - Class in nl.cwi.sen1.gui
MenuItem(Event, Action) - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.MenuItem
menuList - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
minimumLayoutSize(Container) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioStatusBarLayout
modifiers(int) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MouseAdapter
MouseAdapter - Class in nl.cwi.sen1.util
This is a generic MouseAdapter useful for any MetaStudio component that needs to send mouse events to the ToolBus.
MouseAdapter(ATerm, AbstractTool, Event) - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MouseAdapter
mousePressed(MouseEvent) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MouseAdapter
mouseReleased(MouseEvent) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MouseAdapter


name - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
NameChangedListener - Interface in nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component
newMessage - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StatusMessageEvent
nextComponentID() - Static method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
nextUniqueComponentID - Static variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
nl.cwi.sen1.gui - package nl.cwi.sen1.gui
nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component - package nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component
nl.cwi.sen1.gui.plugin - package nl.cwi.sen1.gui.plugin
nl.cwi.sen1.util - package nl.cwi.sen1.util
notInInputSignature(ATerm) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTool


oldMessage - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StatusMessageEvent


PaddJob0 - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTool
PaddMenuEvents0 - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTool
PjobDone0 - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTool
PloadJar0 - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTool
PloadJarClasspath0 - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTool
PloadJarUrls0 - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTool
PluginLoader - Class in nl.cwi.sen1.gui.plugin
PluginLoader(String) - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.plugin.PluginLoader
PluginLoader(String, ATermList) - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.plugin.PluginLoader
PluginLoader(String, String) - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.plugin.PluginLoader
plugins - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
pluginURL - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.plugin.PluginLoader
popupEvent - Static variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MouseAdapter
PopupHandler - Interface in nl.cwi.sen1.util
popupSelected(Event) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.util.PopupHandler
PrecAckEvent0 - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTool
PrecTerminate0 - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTool
Preferences - Class in nl.cwi.sen1.util
Preferences(InputStream) - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.util.Preferences
preferredLayoutSize(Container) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioStatusBarLayout
progressBar - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
properties - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
properties - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.Preferences
PsetStatus0 - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTool
PsetTitle0 - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTool


readDefaultProperties(InputStream) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.Preferences
recAckEvent(ATerm) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiBridge
recAckEvent(ATerm) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTif
recAckEvent(ATerm) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
receiveFocus() - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponent
Receive the focus.
receiveFocus() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
recTerminate(ATerm) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiBridge
recTerminate(ATerm) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTif
recTerminate(ATerm) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
registerComponent(StudioComponent) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
registerPlugin(StudioPlugin) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
removeComponent(StudioComponent) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.Studio
Unregister a StudioComponent.
removeComponent(StudioComponent) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
removeLayoutComponent(Component) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioStatusBarLayout
removeNameChangedListener(NameChangedListener) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponent
Unregister a NameChangedListener.
removeNameChangedListener(NameChangedListener) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
removeStudioComponentListener(StudioComponentListener) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponent
Unregister a listener.
removeStudioComponentListener(StudioComponentListener) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
removeStudioPluginListener(StudioPluginListener) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.plugin.DefaultStudioPlugin
removeStudioPluginListener(StudioPluginListener) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.plugin.StudioPlugin
Unregister a listener.
removeTooltipChangedListener(TooltipChangedListener) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponent
Unregister a TooltipChangedListener.
removeTooltipChangedListener(TooltipChangedListener) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
requestClose() - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponent
Request to close the window.
requestClose() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
requestFocus(StudioComponent) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.Studio
Make the Studio move the focus to a specific Component.
requestFocus(StudioComponent) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
rootWindow - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl


setIcon(Icon) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
setId(ATerm) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.MouseAdapter
setName(String) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponent
The name can be changed.
setName(String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
setStatus(String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiBridge
setStatus(String) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTif
setStatus(String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
setString(String, String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.Preferences
setTheme(DockingWindowsTheme) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
setTitle(String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiBridge
setTitle(String) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTif
setTitle(String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
setTooltip(String) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponent
The tooltip can be changed.
setTooltip(String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
showPopup(ATerm, ActionDescriptionList) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.DefaultPopupImpl
showView(View) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
showView(View, String) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImplWithPredefinedLayout
sigTable - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiTool
source - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioEvent
startBridgeThread(String[]) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
startFrameThread() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
startPlugin(PluginLoader) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
statusBar - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
statusMessageChanged(StatusMessageEvent) - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentAdapter
statusMessageChanged(StatusMessageEvent) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentListener
The Status bar contains a tab for a status string.
StatusMessageEvent - Class in nl.cwi.sen1.gui
StatusMessageEvent(StudioComponent, String, String) - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StatusMessageEvent
Studio - Interface in nl.cwi.sen1.gui
The interface to the toplevel studio window.
StudioComponent - Interface in nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component
The (visual) interface to a tab (window) that is hosted in a MetaStudio.
StudioComponentAdapter - Class in nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component
A default (empty) implementation of a listener to changes in StudioComponents.
StudioComponentAdapter() - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentAdapter
StudioComponentImpl - Class in nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component
A default implementation of a StudioComponent.
StudioComponentImpl(String, JComponent) - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
Construct a new component.
StudioComponentImpl(String, JComponent, String) - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
StudioComponentListener - Interface in nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component
Events from a StudioComponent for the MetaStudio to react to.
StudioEvent - Class in nl.cwi.sen1.gui
StudioEvent(StudioComponent) - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioEvent
StudioImpl - Class in nl.cwi.sen1.gui
Toplevel window of The Meta-Environment.
StudioImpl(String[]) - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
StudioImplWithPredefinedLayout - Class in nl.cwi.sen1.gui
StudioImplWithPredefinedLayout(String[]) - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImplWithPredefinedLayout
StudioMenuBar - Class in nl.cwi.sen1.util
StudioMenuBar(ATermFactory, AbstractTool) - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioMenuBar
StudioPlugin - Interface in nl.cwi.sen1.gui.plugin
A plugin for the MetaStudio.
studioPluginClosed(StudioPlugin) - Method in interface nl.cwi.sen1.gui.plugin.StudioPluginListener
When a plugin decides to exit/quit/stop running, the Studio must be notified.
StudioPluginListener - Interface in nl.cwi.sen1.gui.plugin
Observer design for the Studio listening to events from plugins.
StudioPopupMenu - Class in nl.cwi.sen1.util
StudioPopupMenu(ATerm, AbstractTool, ActionDescriptionList, Action) - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioPopupMenu
StudioStatusBar - Class in nl.cwi.sen1.util
StudioStatusBar() - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioStatusBar
StudioStatusBarConstraints - Class in nl.cwi.sen1.util
StudioStatusBarConstraints(Insets) - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioStatusBarConstraints
StudioStatusBarConstraints(double) - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioStatusBarConstraints
StudioStatusBarLayout - Class in nl.cwi.sen1.util
StudioStatusBarLayout() - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioStatusBarLayout
StudioUtils - Class in nl.cwi.sen1.util
StudioUtils() - Constructor for class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioUtils
StudioWithPredefinedLayout - Interface in nl.cwi.sen1.gui
systemLabel - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl


tool - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.GuiBridge
tooltip - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
TooltipChangedListener - Interface in nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component
TOP_LEFT - Static variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImplWithPredefinedLayout
TOP_RIGHT - Static variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImplWithPredefinedLayout


updateMenuBar() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl
updateStatusBar() - Method in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl


viewComponent - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.component.StudioComponentImpl
viewsById - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.gui.StudioImpl


weight - Variable in class nl.cwi.sen1.util.StudioStatusBarConstraints

The Meta-Environment API