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2nd Honinbo title

After four preliminary tournaments, four players had earned a place in the League.


In the first column the white player, on the top row the black player.

# player result 1 2 3 4
1. Kitani Minoru 2-1 W+1.5
2. Kato Shin 0-3 B+R B+R
3. Hashimoto Utaro 3-0 W+3.5 W+R
4. Shinohara Masami 1-2 B+R

2nd Honinbo Title

date black white result #mv sgf
1943-05-05,06,07 Hashimoto Utaro Sekiyama Riichi B+R 219 sgf
1943-07-07,08,09 Sekiyama Riichi Hashimoto Utaro W+F 90 sgf

Sekiyama Riichi became ill during game two of the title match. He fought through the illness, but collapsed unconscious by the board on day two of the second game. He was then forced to forfeit both the game and the match.

Hashimoto Utaro won 2-0.

As Honinbo, Hashimoto took the name Honinbo Shou.