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3rd Honinbo title

After knockout preliminaries for 5- to 7-dans, and a tournament for the winners and the 8-dans, the top three players were Fujisawa Hosai, Iwamoto Kaoru and Nakamura Yutaro. These three proceeded to play a League.


In the first column the white player, on the top row the black player.

# player result 1 2 3
1. Iwamoto Kaoru 2-0 W+R
2. Fujisawa Hosai 1-1 W+F
3. Nakamura Yutaro 0-2 B+R

3rd Honinbo Title

date black white result #mv sgf
1945-07-23,24,25 Hashimoto Utaro Iwamoto Kaoru W+5 295 sgf
1945-08-04,05,06 Iwamoto Kaoru Hashimoto Utaro W+5 240 sgf
1945-11-11,12,13 Hashimoto Utaro Iwamoto Kaoru B+3 245 sgf
1945-11-15,16,17 Iwamoto Kaoru Hashimoto Utaro B+3 295 sgf
1945-11-19,20,21 Hashimoto Utaro Iwamoto Kaoru B+R 147 sgf
1945-11-23,24,25 Iwamoto Kaoru Hashimoto Utaro B+R 231 sgf

The match was being played in Hiroshima. The first game in the center. The second game, at the insistence of a police officer, in the outskirts. On the third day of the second game the atomic bomb was dropped (according to Iwamoto, between White 106 and Black 107). Windows were broken, stones were shattered, but the players set the position up again and continued. Hashimoto won. Afterwards, the match was suspended for three months, until after the end of the war.
This match ended in 3-3. The rules prescribed a final game, with 4.5 komi, but the match was not continued. The following year, a best-of-three playoff was played.

date black white result #mv sgf
1946-07-31,08-15,16,17 Hashimoto Utaro Iwamoto Kaoru W+5 305 sgf
1946-08-19,20,21 Iwamoto Kaoru Hashimoto Utaro B+6 274 sgf

Iwamoto Kaoru won 2-0.

As Honinbo, Iwamoto took the name Honinbo Kunwa.