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4th Honinbo title


The finals of the 1st preliminary were won by Shimamura Toshihiro, Hayashi Yutaro, Handa Dogen, and Sometani Kazuo.

These, together with Fujisawa Kuranosuke, Kitani Minoru, Hashimoto Utaro, and Takagawa Kaku played the 2nd (and last) preliminary.

The last preliminary
Shimamura Toshihiro Hayashi Yutaro
Hayashi Yutaro
Hayashi Yutaro
Fujisawa Kuranosuke Handa Dogen
Handa Dogen
Kitani Minoru Kitani Minoru
Kitani Minoru
Hashimoto Utaro
Sometani Kazuo Sometani Kazuo
Takagawa Kaku

Challengers' Final

date black white result #mv sgf
1947-07 Kitani Minoru Hayashi Yutaro B+R 169 sgf
1947-08 Hayashi Yutaro Kitani Minoru W+7.5 238 sgf

4th Honinbo Title

This was the first title match played with komi (4.5).

date black white result #mv sgf
1947-10-20..22 Kitani Minoru Iwamoto Kaoru B+4.5 283 sgf
1947-10-28..30 Iwamoto Kaoru Kitani Minoru B+8.5 237 sgf
1947-11-25..27 Kitani Minoru Iwamoto Kaoru W+2.5 309 sgf
1947-12-20..22 Iwamoto Kaoru Kitani Minoru W+0.5 275 sgf
1947-12-26..28 Iwamoto Kaoru Kitani Minoru B+3.5 271 sgf

Iwamoto Kaoru won 3-2 (and was promoted to 8d afterwards).

Go Seigen

Go Seigen was much stronger than the players in these Honinbo tournaments, but could not participate since, being Chinese, he had to withdraw as a member of Nihon Ki-in. He played a jubango with Hashimoto Utaro and won (6 won, 3 lost, 1 jigo). He played a jubango with Iwamoto Kaoru and won (7 won, 2 lost, 1 jigo). Afterwards he was promoted to 9d.