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10th Honinbo title


The finals of the (only) preliminary were won by Iwata Masao = Iwata Tatsuaki, Magari Reiki, Suzuki Etsuo, and Hasegawa Akira.


Only a few games are known.
In the first column the white player, on the top row the black player.

# player result 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1. Sugiuchi Masao 3-4 B+R B+R B+R
2. Shimamura Toshihiro 6-1 W+1.5 W+2.5 W+R
3. Miyashita Shuyo 6-1 W+2.5 W+4.5 W+1.5 W+2.5
4. Sakata Eio 5-2 B+R W+3.5 W+R
5. Iwata Tatsuaki 2-5 B+R B+R W+R
6. Magari Reiki 3-4 B+R W+2.5 B+2.5 B+1.5
7. Suzuki Etsuo 1-6 W+2.5 B+0.5 B+R B+R
8. Hasegawa Akira 2-5 B+R B+R B+6.5 W+3.5

There was no demotion this year. The system was changed, and only Shimamura Toshihiro was seeded for next year's League.

Challenger Playoff

date black white result #mv sgf
1955-04-20,21 Shimamura Toshihiro Miyashita Shuyo B+2.5 277 sgf

10th Honinbo Title

date black white result #mv sgf
1955-05-06,07 Takagawa Shukaku Shimamura Toshihiro B+1.5 237 sgf
1955-05-19,20 Shimamura Toshihiro Takagawa Shukaku W+3.5 237 sgf
1955-06-02,03 Takagawa Shukaku Shimamura Toshihiro B+R 265 sgf
1955-06-16,17 Shimamura Toshihiro Takagawa Shukaku W+R 176 sgf

Takagawa Shukaku won 4-0.