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16th Honinbo title


The finals of the preliminaries were won by Hashimoto Utaro, Kubouchi Shuchi, Hashimoto Shoji, and Shimamura Toshihiro.


In the first column the white player, on the top row the black player.

# player result 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1. Fujisawa Shuko 2-5 B+R B+R B+R
2. Sakata Eio 6-1 B+R W+5.5 W+5.5
3. Kitani Minoru 6-1 W+R W+2.5 B+3.5 W+7.5
4. Maeda Nobuaki 3-4 B+R B+R W+0.5
5. Hashimoto Utaro 3-4 W+R W+7.5 B+6.5 B+R
6. Hashimoto Shoji 2-5 B+6.5 B+5.5 W+3.5
7. Shimamura Toshihiro 4-3 B+R B+7.5 B+R W+1.5
8. Kubouchi Shuchi 2-5 W+R B+R B+5.5 B+R

Maeda Nobuaki and Hashimoto Utaro played a demotion playoff, lost by Maeda.
Kubouchi Shuchi, Hashimoto Shoji, Fujisawa Shuko, and Maeda Nobuaki are demoted.

Challenger Playoff

date black white result #mv sgf
1961-04-21,22 Kitani Minoru Sakata Eio W+3.5 264 sgf

16th Honinbo Title

date black white result #mv sgf
1961-05-03,04 Sakata Eio Takagawa Shukaku B+R 207 sgf
1961-05-14,15 Takagawa Shukaku Sakata Eio W+1.5 271 sgf
1961-05-24,25 Sakata Eio Takagawa Shukaku B+0.5 259 sgf
1961-06-05,06 Takagawa Shukaku Sakata Eio B+12.5 288 sgf
1961-06-16,17 Sakata Eio Takagawa Shukaku B+0.5 253 sgf

Sakata Eio won 4-1.

As Honinbo, Sakata took the name Sakata Eiju.