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34th Honinbo title


In the preliminaries, Kudo Norio, Sakai Takeshi, Sakata Eio and Takagi Shoichi qualified for the League.


In the first column the white player, on the top row the black player.

# player result 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1. Ishida Yoshio 5-2 B+R W+R W+R
2. Takemiya Masaki 4-3 B+R B+R W+R
3. Rin Kaiho 5-2 W+R W+R W+8.5 W+R
4. Kobayashi Koichi 3-4 B+0.5 W+R B+R
5. Kudo Norio 4-3 B+3.5 W+5.5 B+R B+1.5
6. Sakata Eio 4-3 B+9.5 W+R B+2.5 W+R
7. Takagi Shoichi 3-4 B+R B+R B+R W+R
8. Sakai Takeshi 0-7 B+R B+R B+R

Demotion Play-off

The bottom four players are demoted from the League. Each of Takemiya, Sakata and Kudo ended with 4-3, and the latter two played a demotion playoff.

date black white result #mv sgf
1979-06-14 Kudo Norio Sakata Eio W+R 150 sgf

Challenger Playoff

Rin and Ishida both ended with 5-2, and played a challenger playoff.

date black white result #mv sgf
1979-05-17 Rin Kaiho Ishida Yoshio B+1.5 288 sgf

34th Honinbo Title

date black white result #mv sgf
1979-05-23,24 Kato Masao Rin Kaiho B+R 147 sgf
1979-06-05 Rin Kaiho Kato Masao B+R 89 sgf
1979-06-13,14 Kato Masao Rin Kaiho B+R 241 sgf
1979-06-28,29 Rin Kaiho Kato Masao W+0.5 274 sgf
1979-07-09,10 Kato Masao Rin Kaiho B+R 201 sgf

Kato Masao won 4-1.