Senko Cup

The Senko Cup tournament (扇興杯女流最強戦, Ogi Cup) was first held in 2016. It is a tournament for female pros. People also call it Female Saikyo, but that is confusing since a tournament of that name was held in 1999-2008. There is also the International Senko Cup.

# year winner runner-up sgf
1 2016 Xie Yimin Mukai Chiaki B+R
2 2017 Fujisawa Rina Xie Yimin W+2.5
3 2018 Mannami Nao Nyu Eiko W+R
4 2019 Fujisawa Rina Xie Yimin B+1.5
5 2020 Ueno Asami Xie Yimin W+5.5
6 2021 Fujisawa Rina Ueno Asami W+R
7 2022 Nyu Eiko Nakamura Sumire W+2.5
8 2023 Nyu Eiko Ueno Asami W+R