MacPython Feedback

Praise of MacPython should preferrably be shared with your friends, co-workers, magazines, mailing lists and anywhere else where they may have an impact:-)

Questions and discussions should be shared with the community. It is wise to think beforehand whether your question is Macintosh-specific or not: while the people on PythonMac-SIG will also be willing to help with non-macintosh issues it may pay to use the general mailinglists to reach a wider audience.

If you think you have found a bug you are requested to report it. If you are unsure wether it really is a bug please start a discussion on one of the forums mentione above first. If you are sure it is a bug try and decided that the bug is in Python and not in another package used by Python (in which case you should report the bug there). If you think the bug is in Python itself you should go to, select the "bug" link, and do a quick search of the known bugs, to see whether the bug is fixed, or a workaround is available. If you can't find it then please report a new bug. For this you will need to open a (free) sourceforge account, if you don't have one already, so the MacPython developers can contact you for more information.

In your bug report, please set the category to Macintosh (unless you are reasonably sure that another category fits better, of course). You should also provide the exact version of the Python you are using (something like MacPython-OSX 2.3 or python 2.2 from /usr/bin, but the banner Python prints at startup is probably even better), and the exact version of Mac OS you are running.

If your question really does not fall into the categories above you can contact me directly at, but as I get huge quantities of mail and I am only a single person with a single brain and 24 hours in a day: one of the feedback options above is probably going to get an answer quicker. And possibly more correct, too! :-)