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These are INS2's experimental Web pages, mainly for internal usage. See the official INS2 page for other information about our group's research.

This page was generated from an RDF/RDFS repository using an XSLT extension to let the stylesheet query RQL and SeRQL (queries are resolved by the Sesame engine ). The content (the names and homepages of the members of our group) and the information needed to make decisions about the style is queried from the RDFS repository. The underlying SWRC ontology is provided by the OntoWare Group. Additional vocabularies such as FOAF have also been used. The "explore" links give direct access to the other RDF information stored about each person, including semantic links to their publications. Our publication database has been converted from XML to BibTeX by Bridge, and from BibTeX to RDF by OpenAcademia/Michel Klein's BibTeX-2-RDF translator.

INS2 homepages:

Photo of Alia Amin
Alia Amin
Photo of Frank Nack
Frank Nack
Photo of Jacco van Ossenbruggen
Jacco van Ossenbruggen
Photo of Joost Geurts
Joost Geurts
Photo of Kateryna Falkovych
Kateryna Falkovych
Photo of Lloyd Rutledge
Lloyd Rutledge
Photo of Lynda Hardman
Lynda Hardman
Photo of Michiel Hildebrand
Michiel Hildebrand
Photo of Raphael Troncy
Raphael Troncy
Photo of Zeljko Obrenovic
Zeljko Obrenovic

INS2 intranet

photo taken at the stairs of our office building, December 2004. Old group photos: Madurodam - Nov 29th 2003 Nederlands Openluchtmuseum, Arnhem - April 10th 2002 Zaanse Schans - Aug 13th 1999 Nieuwe Kerk - Mar 8 2006 1 2 3

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