Paul Klint

Paul Klint


Since January 2012 CWI Research Fellow. Before 2012: head of Department of Software Engineering (SEN) and former Theme Leader of Software Analysis and Transformation (SEN1/SWAT) at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica

I am also Professor Emeritus at the Programming Research Group, University of Amsterdam and Visiting Professor at University of London (Royal Holloway)

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Read or view my valedictory lecture given at January 22, 2014


Citations of my publications and my position in the list of Top authors in Software Engineering.

Popular publications and interviews.

Supervised Dissertations, Master's Theses Computer Science, and Master's Theses Software Engineering

Software Patents

We have open positions in information visualisation and computational auditing.

Research links:

  • Rascal Web Home
  • The Meta-Enviroment Home

  • International scientific organisations I am involved in:

  • European Association for Programming Languages and Systems (EAPLS)
  • Rapid Integration of Software Engineering techniques (RISE, ERCIM workinggroup)
  • Editorships

  • Science of Computer Programming SCP
  • Dutch organisations I am involved in:

  • Council for for Technical Sciences, Mathematical Sciences and Informatics, Physics, Astronomy and Chemistry (TWINS Council), Royal Dutch Academy of Science
  • Institute for Programming Research and Algorithmics (IPA)
  • SIG


  • Software Improvement Group (SIG)

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