Paul Klint: Supervised Master's Theses

The following theses have been written as part of either the Master Computer Science (or old style "Doctoraal Informatica") or the Master Grid Computing. They document 6--9 month of graduation work.
See also theses for the Master Software Engineering.
  1. E. Post, Island Grammars in ASF+SDF, 2007, pdf
  2. M. Toele, Multi-Language Software Development with DLX, 2007 pdf
  3. G. Stap, XML Document Transformation Processes using ASF+SDF, 2007, pdf
  4. J. Carolus, Alpha-Beta with Sibbling Prediction Pruning in Chess, 2006, pdf
  5. B. van Oerle , From Java to C#, 2006, pdf to be supplied
    (with G. Alberts)
  6. E.P. Schatborn, GTL, a Grammar Transformation Language for SDF Specifications, 2005, pdf
  7. I. Vankov, Relational Approach to Program Slicing, 2005, pdf
  8. C. Boogerd, A Framework for SGLR parsing in Java, 2005, pdf
    (with M.G.J. van den Brand)
  9. B. Cornelissen, Using TIDE to Debug ASF+SDF at Multiple Levels, 2004, pdf
    (with J. Vinju)
  10. T. Kooiker, A Language Development Environment for Eclipse, 2004, pdf
    (with H.A. de Jong)
  11. M. Belmamoune, A reengineered publication model based on: Reuse of a Document Management System and the presentation of an Enterprise Java Application, 2003, pdf
    (with S. Jossai).
  12. I. Schnitzler, Model Checking Secrecy in Security Protocols, 2003, pdf
    (with S. Mauw)
  13. M. Bruntink, Testability of Object-Oriented Systems: a Metrics-based Approach, 2003, pdf
    (with A. van Deursen and T. Kuipers)
  14. A. van der Zee, Multimedia Framework for Augmented Reality Applications in Ubiquitous Environments, 2003. pdf
    (with T. Nakajima)
  15. T. van der Storm, Implementing Actions, 2003. pdf
  16. R. de Haan, Using ASF+SDF for the Verification of Annotated Java Programs, 2003. pdf
    (with F. de Boer)
  17. R. van de Woestijne, The Generation of CORBA wrappers for Legacy Databases, 2002. pdf
  18. W. van der Kamp, Software Engineering, eXtreme Programming and a WAP-browser, 2002. pdf
  19. B. Huijben, De ToolBus in een Web-enabled Omgeving (in Dutch), 2001. ps.gz
  20. B. Toeter, Reuse of ABN-AMRO PowerBuilder Applications, 2001. pdf
  21. Z. Bouguillara and T.K.S. Ganpat, TBHelp: A Help Authoring Tool for ToolBus Applications, 2001. ps.gz
  22. H. Zaadnoordijk, Source Code Transformations using the New ASF+SDF Meta-Environment, 2001. ps.gz
    (with S. Klusener and C. Verhoef)
  23. M. Mustacevic, Automatiseren van het Tellen van Functiepunten (In Dutch), 2000. ps.gz
    (with C. Verhoef)
  24. E.-J. Verhoeven, COBOL Island Grammars in SDF, 2000. pdf
    (with A. van Deursen)
  25. C. Visser, A ToolBus Prototype in Java, 2000. pdf
    (with P.A. Olivier)
  26. J.J. Vinju, Optimizations of List Matching in the ASF+SDF Compiler, 1999. ps.gz
    (with M.G.J. van den Brand)
  27. H. de Jong, A Visualisation Framework for ToolBus Applications 1999. ps.gz
    (with M.G.J. van den Brand and P.A. Olivier)
  28. A. van den Bergh, Logical Expressions: Analyzing, Generalizing, Rewriting, 1999. pdf
    (with M.G.J. van den Brand and G. Veltink)
  29. M. van Doorn, An Inventarisation of the Possibilities for Code Generation from UML Concepts, 1999.
    (with M.G.J. van den Brand and R.H. Halie)
  30. B. Wedemeijer, Introduction & Basic Tooling for CASL using ASF+SDF, 1998. ps.gz
    (with M.G.J. van den Brand)
  31. G. de Vries, TestSUITE Software Development: test Once, Run Everywhere, 1998.
    (with M.G.J. van den Brand)
  32. M. de Jonge, Reuse of ASF+SDF Specifications by means of Renaming, 1997. ps.gz
    (with M.G.J. van den Brand and E. Visser)
  33. W. van Albada, Debugging Compiled ASF+SDF Specifications using Hybrid Functions, 1997.
    (with P.A. Olivier)
  34. H.F. Breebaart, Building an Editor for Defining Structured, Constraint-based Graphical Objects, 1997.
    (with TB. Dinesh and S. Uskudarli)
  35. M. van der Graaf, A Specification of Box to HTML in ASF+SDF, 1997. ps.gz
    (with M.G.J. van den Brand)
  36. A. Ebrahim, System Renovation Using Cluster Analysis, 1997.
    (with T. Wiggerts)
  37. T.K. Dekker, Graphic Generation Language II, 1997.
    (with M.G.J. van den Brand and H. van Riemsdijk)
  38. E.J. van Buiten, Graphic Generation Language II, 1997.
    (with M.G.J. van den Brand and H. van Riemsdijk)
  39. T. Kuipers, Language Independent Structure Editing using the ToolBus, 1996. ps.gz
    (with M.G.J. van den Brand)
  40. P.I. Manuel, ANSI COBOL III in SDF + an ASF definition of a Y2K tool, 1996. ps.gz
    (with M.G.J. van den Brand)
  41. J. Caspers, The CORBA Experience: Realizing an Object-Oriented Architecture for Internet Client/Server Systems,1996.
  42. L. Moonen, Data Flow Analysis for reverse Engineering, 1996. ps.gz
  43. S.L. Barth, ToBox: A Rule-driven Front-end for prettyprinting AsFix, 1996. pdf
    (with M.G.J. van den Brand)
  44. J.G.M. Al, COM in het sociaalverzekeringsdomein (In Dutch), 1996. (with S.C. Chang)
  45. M. Tai, Usimg the DeltaBlue Constraint Solver in a Programming Environment, 1996.
    (with S. Uskudarli)
  46. M. Koens, Generation of Forms Based Editors for Domain Specific Formalisms, 1995.
    (with P. Jansen and H. ter Horst)
  47. A. Thanos, Some Recommendations for Solving Consistency Problems in Uniface Six, 1995.
    (with M.G.J. van den Brand)
  48. M. Kaart, Modelling of a System for Traffic Regulation at Signalized Intersections using High-level Petri Nets, 1995.
    (with A.S. Klusener and F.W. Vaandrager)
  49. Ralph Oudejans, Graphic Generation Language: Automatic Code Generation from Design, 1995.
  50. F. Bonsu, Graphic Generation Language: Automatic Code Generation from Design, 1995.
  51. J.N. Sappore-Siaw, Equational Debugger: An Experimental Debugger for the ASF+SDF Term Rewriting System, 1995. pdf
    (with F. Tip)
  52. D.A. Jernberg, Incremental Specifications, 1995. ps.gz
    (with E.A. van der Meulen)
  53. S. Eijkelkamp, Program Transformation using ASF+SDF, 1995.
    (with M.G.J. van den Brand and H. Meijer)
  54. D. Geluk, Program Transformation using ASF+SDF, 1995.
    (with M.G.J. van den Brand and H. Meijer)
  55. S.K. Koochak Kosari, A Peephole Optimizer for an Abstract Rewriting Machine, 1995.
    (with J.F.Th. Kamperman and H.R. Walters)
  56. J. Romijn, Automatic Analysis of Term Rewriting Systems, 1995. ps.gz
  57. L. Moonen, A Virtual Assembler for an Abstract Machine, Hogeschool Eindhoven, Studierichting Hogere Informatica, 1994. ps.gz
    (with J.F.Th. Kampermand and H.R. Walters)
  58. M. Res, A Generated Programming Environment for Risla, 1994.
  59. P.A. Olivier, SEAL versus the ToolBus, 1994. ps.gz
  60. L.H. Oei, Giving Meaning to an IDEAL, 1994.
    (With W. Koorn)
  61. K. Zaadnoordijk, An ASF+SDF Specification of a Query Optimizer for a RDBMS, 1994. pdf,
    (with M.G.J. van den Brand)
  62. G. Vos, Algebraische Toonsystemen, 1993.
  63. J.N. Entken, A Prototype Simulator for Hydraulic Systems, 1993.
    (with M.G.J. van den Brand)
  64. E. Visser, Combinatory Algebraic Specification & Compilation of List Matching, 1993. ps.gz
    (with J.F.Th. Kamperman and H.R. Walters)
  65. K. Sima'an, Detecting Ambiguity in Epsilon-free Context Free Grammars, 1992.
    (with J.F.Th. Kamperman)
  66. R.P. van der Luit, An Algebraic Specification of the Relational database Language SQL, 1992. pdf
  67. H. Luden, Software Configuration Management, 1991.
  68. W. Pasman, Incremental Parsing, 1991. pdf
  69. F. Tip, The Equation Debugger, 1991. pdf
  70. W. van der Laan, A Program Generator for Database Applications, 1990.
  71. T. van Rij, Intelligent Prototype for Simulation of Discrete Production Processes, 1990.
  72. K.J. Vos, PRETTY for an Easy Touch of Beauty, 1990. pdf
    (with H.R. Walters)
  73. L. Jacobson, A Token Ring Network in PSFd & A Tool Interface Language for PSFd, 1989.
  74. C.H.S. Dik, A Fast Implementation of the Algebraic Specification Formalism, 1989.
  75. V. de Mey, Object-Oriented Programming Concepts and Their Use in Application Development, 1988.
  76. M. Meegens, An Implementation of a Simple Design Description Language, 1988.
  77. P. Veerkamp, Viewing and Hidden Surface Removal: Report on a GKS/3D Project, 1986.
  78. J. Rekers, A Parser Generator for Finitely Ambiguous Context Free Grammars, 1986.

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