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SIGCHI Bulletin
Vol.26 No.4, October 1994
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October 1994

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From the Editor


From the Chairs: So, Who Are They?
Jim Miller and Mike Atwood
World-wide CHI: Let One Hundred Flowers Bloom in the Global Zoo
John M. Carroll, Gerrit C. van der Veer, Judy Hammond, Matthias Schneider-Hufschmidt, Veith A. Risak, and Gilbert Cockton
Education: Getting to the "Core" of the Matter
Jean Gasen
Standards: A New Approach to Conformance
Pat Billingsley
Visual Interaction Design: VIDSIA Annual Meeting at CHI '94
Loretta Staples
Local SIGs: Putting Together the Technical Program
Kate Ehrlich


A Taxonomy for Developing High Impact Formative Usability Evaluation Methods
Deborah Hix, H. Rex Hartson and Jakob Nielsen
Pattern Recognition in HCI: A Viable Approach?
Janet Finlay and Alan Dix
Designing the Teaching of HCI
Jonas Löwgren, Clark N. Quinn, Jean Gasen, Peter Gorny
Software Visualization
Marc Brown, John Domingue, Blaine Price, and John Stasko
The Challenges of 3D Interaction
Kenneth P. Herndon, Andries van Dam and Michael Gleicher
The Future of Speech and Audio in the Interface
Barry Arons and Elizabeth Mynatt
HCI Challenges in Government Contracting
Elizabeth Buie and Ira Winkler


Design, Specification, Verification of Interactive Systems
Fabio Paterno'
AVI '94
Ben Shneiderman with Al Badre and Paulo Santos
Laying the Foundation for the Information Super Highway: Human-Computer Interaction Research
Jim Durbin, Robert Jacob, Ken Hinckley


Putting Task Analysis into Context
William H. Edmondson and John F. Meech
Some Human Interaction Issues in Computer Algebra
Norbert Kajler and Neil Soiffer


Things That Make Us Smart
Book Review by John A Waterworth
A Small Matter of Programming
Book Review by Rebecca E. Grinter
Human-Computer Interaction
Book Review by Gary Perlman
Calls for Papers
Views and Feelings
Steven Pemberton

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SIGCHI Bulletin
Vol.26 No.4, October 1994
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