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SIGCHI Bulletin
Vol.30 No.4, October 1998
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October 1998

CHI 98
From the Editor: CHI 98
Steven Pemberton


From the Chairs: Challenges and Opportunities
Mike Atwood and Guy Boy
Local SIGs Achieve Visibility at CHI 98
Richard Anderson
CHIkids: A Look Back and a Look Forward
Allison Druin
HCI Education and CHI 98
Marian G. Williams and Andrew Sears
World-Wide CHI: The SIGCHI International Issues Committee
David G. Novick
HCI and the Web: World Wide Web Special Interest Area
Keith Instone
Visual Interaction Design: Outside Looking In at CHI 98
Shannon Ford
Students: Being a Student Volunteer at CHI 98
David Crow, Farouk Meghji, Erika Orrick

CHI 98

CHI 98: An Interview with the Conference Chairs
Steven Pemberton
Unifying HCI: The Impossible Possibility: The CHI 98 Basic Research Symposium
Joseph A. Konstan and Jane Siegel
Incorporating Work, Process And Task Analysis Into Commercial And Industrial Object-Oriented Systems Development
John Artim et al.
Designing User Interfaces for Safety Critical Systems
Philippe Palanque, Fabio Paternò, Bob Fields
From Task to Dialogue: Task-Based User Interface Design
Birgit Bomsdorf, Gerd Szwillus
Hyped-Media to Hyper-Media: Toward Theoretical Foundations of Design, Use and Evaluation
N. Hari Narayanan
Too Much of a Good Thing? Identifying and Resolving Bloat in the User Interface
Leah Kaufman and Brad Weed
Beyond Internet Business-as-Usual
Patrick Steiger, Markus Stolze, Michael Good
Learner-Centered Design: Specifically Addressing the Needs of Learners
Sherry Hsi & Elliot Soloway
User Interfaces for Computer-based Patient Records
Tom Brinck and Gary York
HCI in the Classroom: The CHI'98 Development Consortium
Jürgen Koenemann, Allison Druin, and Angela Boltman
The CHI 98 Doctoral Consortium
Deborah A. Boehm-Davis
Making Technology Accessible for Older Users
Beth Meyer, et al.
HCI Solutions for Managing the IT Infra-structure
Thomas M. Graefe and Dennis Wixon
Competitive Testing Issues and Methodology
Kristyn Greenwood, Suzy Czarkowski
Persuasive Computing
BJ Fogg, Daniel Bedichevsky, and Jason Tester
So You Want to be a User Interface Consultant
Austin Henderson and Jeff Johnson
HCI / SIGCHI Issues for Policy '98
Austin Henderson


Policy '98: Implications for SIGCHI
Austin Henderson
The Celebration Continues HCIL 98 Trip Report
Tonya Sullivan, Jeff Merhout and Jean B. Gasen
AVI '98: Advanced Visual Interfaces - An International Working Conference
H. Rex Hartson
Representations in Interactive Software Development
Hilary Johnson, Peter Johnson & Eamonn O'Neill
CVE'98: Collaborative Virtual Environments
Dave Snowdon, Elizabeth F. Churchill


New Publications of Interest
Karen L. McGraw
SIGCHI Annual Report
Mike Atwood, SIGCHI Chair
SIGCHI Needs You! A Call for Volunteers
Robert Mack et al.
The Real World: Video Conferencing
Lon Barfield
Views and Feelings: The Screen is not Paper
Steven Pemberton

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SIGCHI Bulletin
Vol.30 No.4, October 1998
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