Research Semester Programme Machine Learning Theory

What is Machine Learning Theory

Machine Learning is a key enabler of advances in science, industry and society. In fact, machine learning methods touch nearly all aspects of our physical and online experience. As such, the design and analysis of these methods if of deep interest. This research semester programme is focused on understanding machine learning through the lens of mathematics and computer science, including especially statistics, combinatorics, convex analysis, game theory and algorithms. The programme consists of a series of events highlighting theoretical aspects of machine learning. It is designed to bring young researchers up to speed, stimulate interaction between researchers, and present and especially attempt to solve open problems.

Focus Topics

Aim of this program

This program aims to bring together researchers from the Netherlands and beyond, with an interest on mathematical and computational aspects of learning. We invite all researchers, especially PhD students and postdoctoral researchers who are working in related topics, to join our events.


The programme consists of a boot camp for PhD students, two afternoons with lectures by distinguished researchers, and eight "Seminar++" meetings centred around presenting open problems and initiating making progress.


February 14-15 2023Boot Camp
February 14 2023Launch Lecture
March 8 2023Seminar++ Meeting
March 22 2023Seminar++ Meeting
April 5 2023Seminar++ Meeting
April 12 2023Mid-semester Lecture
April 19 2023Seminar++ Meeting
May 10 2023Seminar++ Meeting
May 24 2023Seminar++ Meeting
June 7 2023Seminar++ Meeting
June 21 2023Seminar++ Meeting


The Machine Learning Theory semester programme is organised by Wouter Koolen of the CWI group Machine Learning.