The ABC Newsletter

These are the tables of contents of all ABC Newsletters. Back issues, apart from the online copies below, are no longer available.

Issue 1

A Short Introduction to the B Language
A Glimpse at the B Environment
Implementation Plans for B

Issue 2

The Mark 1 Implementation
Examples of B
The Highlights of B
A Comparison of Basic and B
A Comparison of Pascal and B

Issue 3

IBM PC Progress
What is in the Name of B?
A File-Maintainance Program in B
A Proposal for Matrix/Vector Functions in B
Speeding up the B Implementation

Issue 4

New Unix Release
B For the IBM PC
Eh? B be 'ABC', see?
A Program Example: Polynomials
(Extremely) Simple Logic Programming in B
~1 <> 1, A Nice Distinction?

Issue 5

>>> From B to ABC: The Salient Changes
The Cleaning Person Algorithm
Backtracking in B: The Budd Challenge
Primality Testing in B

Issue 6

Progress Towards ABC
A Chess Program in B
Approximate Numbers
My Experiences with ABC (includes a self-reproducing program)
An Alternative Simple Language and Environment for PCs

There are PDF files for the whole of issues 7 and 8 as well as links for some articles:

Number 7 (revised reprint)

Information about obtaining, installing and using the various ABC implementations.
A Short Introduction to ABC
An Adventure Program
A Histogram Program

Number 8

About the ABC Type system and checker
A Grammar-analysis program
Eight Queens
A General-purpose Data-base
Steven Pemberton
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