Okage Cup finals

The Okage Cup (おかげ杯, Grace Cup) is a tournament for players under 30 and at most 7-dan.
This page gives the tournament finals (in SGF format).
For the tournament tables, and a few more games, see the pages linked to in the first column.

1 2010 Cho Riyu Ohashi Hirofumi W+R sgf
2 2011 Anzai Nobuaki Shida Tatsuya W+R sgf
3 2012 Anzai Nobuaki Seto Taiki W+R sgf
4 2013 Ichiriki Ryo Anzai Nobuaki B+R sgf
5 2014 Ichiriki Ryo Seto Taiki W+R sgf
6 2015 Yo Seiki Ichiriki Ryo W+R sgf
7 2016 Ichiriki Ryo Anzai Nobuaki B+R sgf
8 2017 Murakawa Daisuke Lee Ishu B+R sgf
9 2018 Kyo Kagen Yu Zhengqi B+R sgf
10 2019 Shibano Toramaru Adachi Toshimasa W+R sgf