MacPython pre-production downloads

This page lists a number of distributions that are in beta stage or earlier. The packages are expected to be fully functional, unless otherwise noted. They are made available with two main purposes: to allow early access for people that want it and (more importantly:-) so you, the community, can help debug these distributions.

Feedback is preferred through the normal channels, in other words: sending mail to the PythonMac-SIG is preferred to direct mail to Jack.

Note: If you use Explorer as your browser some download links will result in a window full of garbage. If you experience this control-click the download link and select the Download Link to Disk menu entry in stead.

A fix for Apple Python 2.3 on Mac OS X 10.3

Python 2.3 as installed by Apple (on Mac OS X 10.3) has a problem that shows up as soon as you install another Python on your system: it will no longer be able to build extension modules. The symptoms will usually be that loading the new module will result in an "Interpreter not initialized?" error.

Installing the Panther Python Fix 1.3 will solve that problem by slightly changing the way Python 2.3 builds extensions.

MacPython-OSX 2.3.5

For Mac OS X 10.2 and 10.3.

Available as a binary installer for OSX 10.2 and 10.3 (6 MB). Contains the current (and probably last) Python tree for the 2.3 series, including the new Package Manager. This distribution should also work fine on MacOSX 10.3, unlike previous 2.3.X installers.

If you install this on 10.3 it is strongly suggested you also install the fix for Apple Python.

MacPython-OS9 2.3.5

For Mac OS 9 or later.

MacPython-OS9 2.3.5 will probably be the last release of MacPython-OS9, no more bug fix releases are expected.

Available in various formats:
MacPython235full.bin Single file installer containing everything, 7 MB.
MacPython235full.hqx BinHex version of the above, 10 MB.
MacPython235src.sit Single stuffit archive containing all sources, 10 MB. This distribution needs a specialised version of GUSI for Carbon, which is available as
MacPython235src.hqx BinHex version of the above, 14 MB.