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10:00 Jozsa Tapp Nielsen 't Hooft 10:00
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Information Theory I

Tuesday, January 9, Morning -- Session Chair: Harry Buhrman

9:50 Gerard van Oortmerssen: Welcome by the Director of CWI

10:00 Richard Jozsa: On the Reversible Extraction of Classical Information from a Quantum Source

10:45 Martin Plenio: A New Inequality for the Quantum Relative Entropy and some Applications

12:00 Vlatko Vedral: Classical and Quantum Correlations in Quantum Computation

Algorithms and Complexity I

Tuesday, January 9, Afternoon -- Session Chair: Umesh Vazirani

14:30 Peter Høyer: Quantum Ordered Searching

15:15 Edward Farhi: Quantum Computation by Adiabatic Evolution

16:15 John Watrous: Quantum Algorithms for Solvable Groups


Wednesday, January 10, Morning -- Session Chair: Gilles Brassard

10:00 Alain Tapp: Private Quantum Channels and Quantum Authentication

10:45 Andris Ambainis: A New Protocol and Lower Bounds for Quantum Coin Flipping

12:00 Barbara Terhal: Data Hiding with Mixtures of Bell States

Algorithms and Complexity II

Wednesday, January 10, Afternoon -- Session Chair: Charles Bennett

14:30 Dorit Aharonov: Do Quantum Drunks Walk Faster?

15:15 Umesh Vazirani: The Non-Abelian Hidden Subgroup Problem

Communication and Complexity

Thursday, January 11, Morning -- Session Chair: Richard Cleve

10:00 Michael Nielsen: Entanglement and Distributed Quantum Computation

10:45 Gilles Brassard: Trading Entanglement for Communication

12:00 Ronald de Wolf: Quantum Fingerprinting, Simultaneous Message Passing, and Data Structures

Information Theory II

Thursday, January 11, Afternoon -- Session Chair: Richard Jozsa

14:30 David DiVincenzo: Remote State Preparation

15:15 Peter Gács: Quantum Algorithmic Entropy

16:15 Charles Bennett: Degrees of Knowledge of Quantum States and Operations

Closing Session

Friday, January 12, Morning -- Session Chair: Harry Buhrman

10:00 Gerard 't Hooft: Quantum Mechanics and Determinism at the Planck Scale

11:15 Richard Cleve: Fast Parallel Algorithms for the Quantum Fourier Transform

12:00 Wim van Dam: Efficient Quantum Algorithms for Shifted Quadratic Character Problems

Open Session

Friday, January 12, Afternoon -- Session Chair: Ronald de Wolf

14:30 Howard Barnum, Bristol:
Quantum Data Authentication

14:40 Guifré Vidal, Innsbruck:
Probabilistic programmable quantum gates

14:50 Julia Kempe, Berkeley:
A New Separability Criterion

15:00 Robert Raussendorf, Munich:
A One-Way Quantum Computer

15:10 Erich Novak, Jena:
Quantum Complexity of Integration

15:20 Frank Verstraete, Leuven:
Mixing Versus Entanglement in Two Qubits

15:30 Hartmut Klauck, CWI:
Rounds in Quantum Communication

15:40 Ernesto Galvão, Oxford:
Experimental Requirements for Quantum Communication Complexity


Mayor's Reception

January 9, 6pm-7pm at the ``Koffiekamer Raad,'' City Hall, Amstel 1. Requires the invitation included in the conference portfolio.

Poster Session and Reception

January 10, 4pm-6pm. Abstracts of the posters will be published during the conference on a billboard.

Koenraad Audenaert, KU Leuven:
Negativity and Concurrence of mixed 2×2 states

Howard N. Barnum, University of Bristol:
Multipartite Entanglement Monotones

Jan Bouda, Masaryk University, Brno:
Entanglement Swapping between Qudit Systems

Paul Cain/Dimitris Dovinos, Cambridge University:
Coupled Quantum Dots by Trench Isolation in SiGe

Keath Chen, Rochester Institute of Technology:
On the Reconciliation Procedure for Quantum Key Distribution

Dong Pyo Chi, Seoul National University:
Initialization-free Function-dependent Phase Transform

Andrew Childs, MIT:
Finding Cliques by Quantum Adiabatic Evolution

Igor Devetak, Cornell University:
Quantum Rate-Distortion Theory

Gerald Gilbert, MITRE, USA:
High-Speed Quantum Cryptography SATCOM

Gil Harel, Free University Amsterdam:
Non-holonomic Quantum Devices

Sofyan Iblisdir, Université Libre de Bruxelles:
Optimal N-to-M Cloning and Phase-conjugation Transformations for Continuous-variable Quantum Systems

Sinisa Karnas, University of Hannover:
Separability in C2×C2×CN Composite Quantum States

Viv Kendon, Imperial College, London:
Entanglement in Arrays of Qubits

Hirotada Kobayashi, ERATO, Japan:
Two-way Quantum One-counter Automata

Debby Leung, IBM, USA:
Quantum Vernam Cipher

Keiji Matsumoto, JST, Japan:
Asymptotic Theory of Statistical Estimation of the Positive Full Model

Fumiaki Morikoshi, NTT Basic Research Laboratories:
Deterministic Entanglement Concentration

Mio Murao, Semiconductor Labs, RIKEN:
Remote Information Concentration Using a Bound Entangled State

Arkadiusz Orlowski, Institute of Physics PAS, Poland:
Teleportation of Entanglement

Massimo Pica Ciamarra, Università di Napoli:
Quantum Automata and the Link between Reversibility and Space Complexity

Robert Raussendorf, LMU Munich:
Quantum Computing with Cluster States

Yu Shi, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge:
Extracting Computational Power From Macroscopic Quantum Coherence

Robert Spreeuw, University of Amsterdam:
Classical Analogy of Quantum Information Processing

Gilles Van Assche, Université Libre de Bruxelles:
Quantum Distribution of Gaussian Keys with Squeezed States

Paolo Zanardi, ISI, Torino:
Entanglement and Entangling power of Quantum Evolutions

Conference Banquet

January 11, 7pm-11pm at the Hotel Krasnapolsky on Dam Square 9. Banquet ticket required.

QAIP Meeting

For separately invited members of the EU QAIP project.

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