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Vol.28 No.2, April 1996
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April 1996


From the Editor: WWW


From the Chairs: Quiz
Mike Atwood and Guy Boy
Education: More Needles in the Haystack
Jean B. Gasen
Teaching Human Computer Interaction to Programmers
Saul Greenberg
Visual Interaction Design: "Enough is Enough, and Enough is Too Much!"
Maria G. Wadlow
Standards: ANSI/HFES 200 Canvass Committee Now Forming
Pat Billingsley
Local SIGs: World Wide Web
Kate Ehrlich
Students: "So How Are Your Hands?" Thoughts from a CS Student with RSI
Rob Jackson


Tools & Techniques in Visual Design Development
Loretta Staples
Cognitive Architectures and HCI
Susan S. Kirschenbaum, Wayne D. Gray, Richard M. Young
Gesture at the User Interface
Alan Wexelblat
Donald L. Day
Educating Computer People about People & Computers
Philip J.A. Scown, Barbara McManus


Temporal Aspects of Usability
Chris Johnson and Phil Gray
Assessing the Impact of Time On User Interface Design
Chris Johnson and Philip Gray
Long-term Variation in User Actions
Richard C. Thomas
How Machine Delays Change User Strategies
Paddy O'Donnell & Stephen W. Draper
Time Modelling in Petri Nets for the Design of Interactive Systems
Philippe Palanque, Rémi Bastide
Delays and Temporal Incoherence Due to Mediated Status-Status Mappings
Alan Dix and Gregory Abowd
Automated Verification of Temporal Dialogue Properties
Gregory D. Abowd and Lein Ton
Time, Tasks and Errors
Bob Fields, Peter Wright and Michael Harrison
Including Time in the Notion of Interactor
M. Mezzanotte & F. Paterno'


The CHI '95 Conference Electronic Publication
Robert Mack, Linn Marks, Dave Collins and Keith Instone
Interactive Video
Michael K. Stenzler and Richard R. Eckert


Designing Visual Interfaces
Book Review by Raghu Kolli


The Real World: Sticky Labels
Lon Barfield
Views and Feelings: What Was the Subject of Titchner's Doctoral Thesis?
Ed Chilton

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SIGCHI Bulletin
Vol.28 No.2, April 1996
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