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SIGCHI Bulletin
Vol.28 No.4, October 1996
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October 1996

CHI 96

Opening CHI 96 Plenary Speaker Herb Clark


From the Editor: CHI 96
Steven Pemberton
A Letter to the Editor
Leo Maris
From the Chairs: SIGCHI Annual Report
Mike Atwood
World-Wide CHI: The Voluntary Workcamps Association of Ghana's Computer Literacy/Distance Learning Project
Osei Darkwa
Standards: A Look Ahead and an Overview
Harry E. Blanchard
Visual Interaction Design: Time to Go
Maria G. Wadlow
Education: Some Progress and Some New Questions
Andrew Sears
Local SIGs: The Year-Round CHI Conference
Richard Anderson
Students: A Common Ground between Student Volunteers & the CHI 96 Community
Sara Rochelle Parsowith and Carol Traynor

CHI 96

CHI 96 - Interviews with the Conference Co-Chairs
Steven Pemberton
User-Centred Design Principles - How Far Have They Been Industrialised?
Ian McClelland, Bronwen Taylor, Bill Hefley
Educating HCI Practitioners: Evaluating What Industry Needs and Academia Delivers
Andrew Sears, Mary Czerwinski, Laurie P. Dringus, Barbara Bernal Thomas
Designing the User Interface for Speech Recognition Applications
Amir Mane, Susan Boyce, Demetrios Karis, Nicole Yankelovich
Transforming User-Centered Analysis into Concrete Design
Larry E. Wood, Ron Zeno
The HCI Professional as Consultant
Heather Desurvire and Lauren Schwartz
HCI and the Web
Keith Instone
Formal Methods in Computer Human Interaction
Fabio Paterno', Philippe Palanque
Psychological Issues of Virtual Environment Interfaces
Casey Boyd and Rudy Darken
Reflections on the CHI 96 Doctoral Consortium
Stacie Hibino
Common Ground for CHI Students at CHI 96
Casey Boyd, Jennifer Kay
What I Learned at CHIkids
Allison Druin


Usability Management Maturity
Part 1: Self Assessment - How Do You Stack Up?
George A. Flanagan
Part 2: Usability Techniques - What Can You Do?
Thyra Rauch, Susan Kahler, George Flanagan
Usability Engineering: Industry-Government Collaboration for System Effectiveness and Efficiency
Laura L. Downey, Sharon J. Laskowski, Elizabeth A. Buie, H. Rex Hartson
The Missing Link: Hypermedia Usability Research & The Web
Simon Buckingham Shum
"Cool Stuff and Hot Interfaces": The HCI Laboratory's 13th Annual Symposium and Open House
Jennifer L. DePaul and Thomas T. Hewett


The Attributistical Understanding of Information
Gunter Dubrau


Scenario-Based Design - Envisioning Work and Technology in System Development
Book Review by Paul McInerney


The Real World: Cooking
Lon Barfield
Views and Feelings: Never is a Long Time
Steven Pemberton

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Vol.28 No.4, October 1996
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