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SIGCHI Bulletin
Vol.29 No.3, July 1997
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July 1997

From the Editor: Goodbye Diane Darrow
Steven Pemberton


From the Chairs: SIGCHI Leadership
Mike Atwood
Education: The SIGCHI Educational Resource Development Group
Andrew Sears, Julie A. Jacko, and Marilyn Mantei
Standards: Standards for Multimedia, Accessibility, and the Information Infrastructure
Harry E. Blanchard
Letter to the Editor: ISOMETRICS
Peter Gorny
Visual Interaction Design: Design as a Cultural Activity
Steve Portigal
Local SIGs: Dealing with Change
Richard Anderson
Computers and Kids: Kids Are Not "Adults-In-Waiting"
Allison Druin
Students: How To Get a Ph.D. and Have a Life, Too
Richard E. Baker


An Interview with Diane Darrow
Steven Pemberton


Widening the Net: Workshop Report on the Theory and Practice of Physical and Network Communities
Steve Whittaker, Ellen Isaacs & Vicki O'Day
Design and Use of MUDs for Serious Purposes
Christer Garbis, Yvonne Wrn
Web Design & Development '97
Peter Morville


Human-Computer-Human Interaction: Trust in CSCW
Steve Jones and Steve Marsh
A Critical Examination of Separable User Interface Management Systems: Constructs for Individualization
Carson Reynolds


Karen McGraw


The Real World: Safety Catches
Lon Barfield
Views and Feelings: Programmers Are Humans Too (2)
Steven Pemberton

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SIGCHI Bulletin
Vol.29 No.3, July 1997
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