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SIGCHI Bulletin
Vol.29 No.4, October 1997
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October 1997

From the Editor: CHI 97
Steven Pemberton


From the Chairs: Reflections on CHI 97
Mike Atwood
World-Wide CHI: The SIGCHI International Advisory Task Force
Guy Boy and David G. Novick
Standards: Information Technology Standards in ISO/IEC JTC1
Harry E. Blanchard
Education: HCI Education and CHI 97
Andrew Sears
Visual Interaction Design: CHI 97: A Visual Interaction Design Perspective
Shannon Ford
Computers and Kids: Reflection on CHIkids...
Allison Druin
Local SIGs: Coming Together & Learning from Each Other
Richard Anderson
Students: Values of the CHI Conference to Students
David Crow, Mike Byrne, and Erika Dawn Gernand

CHI 97

Interviews with the Conference Co-Chairs
Steven Pemberton
The CHI 97 Doctoral Consortium: A Review
Brian H. Philips, La Tondra A. Murray, Jason E. Stewart
The CHI 97 Development Consortium
Austin Henderson, Gerrit van der Veer


A Meeting of Research Minds: The 1997 Basic Research Symposium at CHI 97
Leon Watts and Susanne Jul
Issues in Wearable Computing: A CHI 97 Workshop
Len Bass, Steve Mann, Dan Siewiorek and Chris Thompson
Usability Testing of World Wide Web Sites: A CHI 97 Workshop
Michael D. Levi and Frederick G. Conrad
Navigation in Electronic Worlds: A CHI 97 Workshop
Susanne Jul and George W. Furnas
Entertainment is a Human Factor: A CHI 97 Workshop on Game Design and HCI
Lynn Cherny, Chuck Clanton, and Erik Ostrom
Object Models in User Interface Design: A CHI 97 Workshop
Mark van Harmelen, John Artim, Keith Butler, Austin Henderson, Dave Roberts, Mary Beth Rosson, Jean-Claude Tarby, Stephanie Wilson
Testing for Power Usability: A CHI 97 Workshop
Keith S. Karn, Thomas J. Perry, Marc J. Krolczyk
Awareness in Collaborative Systems: A CHI 97 Workshop
Susan E. McDaniel and Tom Brinck

Special Interest Groups

Evaluation Methodology Telematics Systems, A CHI 97 Special Interest Group
Albert G. Arnold and Fred W.G. van den Anker
Distance Learning: A CHI 97 Special Interest Group
Lisa Neal, Judith Ramsay and Jenny Preece
HCI Design for Network and System Management: A CHI 97 Special Interest Group
Thomas M. Graefe and Dennis Wixon
The HCI Educator's Open House: A CHI 97 Special Interest Group
Laurie P. Dringus, Maxine S. Cohen
End-User Computing: A CHI 97 Special Interest Group
Howie Goodell and Carol Traynor


Catching the Eye: Management of Joint Attention in Cooperative Work
Roel Vertegaal, Boris Velichkovsky and Gerrit van der Veer
Structured Programmers Learning Object-Oriented Programming: Cognitive Considerations
John Minor Ross and Huazhong Zhang


Karen McGraw


SIGCHI Annual Report
Mike Atwood
The Real World: Cafés
Lon Barfield
Views and Feelings: Hell and Documentation
Steven Pemberton

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SIGCHI Bulletin
Vol.29 No.4, October 1997
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