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SIGCHI Bulletin
Vol.27 No.2, April 1995
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April 1995

Table of Contents

From the Editor


From the Chairs: The Fall EC Meeting
Jim Miller & Mike Atwood
Education: Questioning minds need to know...
Jean Gasen
An Information Systems Perspective of the SIGCHI Curricula
Ted J. Strickland, Jr.
World-wide CHI: `Issue Process' Featured at IFIP Congress '94
John Karat
Visual Interaction Design: Visual Metaphors for Interacting with Databases
Tiziana Catarci, Maria F. Costabile, Maristel la Matera
Standards: The EEC 90/270 Directive
Pat Billingsley
Local SIGs: What Does It Mean To Be Local?
Kate Ehrlich
Students: Deconstructing Tog: An Electronic Interview with Bruce Tognazzini
Rodney Fuller & Steven Pemberton


Evaluation of Human Computer Interfaces: A Report from an ARPA Workshop
Lynette Hirschman and Donna Cuomo
Tools for Working with Guidelines
A. Cohen, D. Crow, I. Dilli, P. Gorny, H.-J. Hoffman, R. Iannella, K.\x11Ogawa, H. Reiterer, K. Ueno, J. Vanderdonckt
Diades-II: A Multi-Agent User Interface Design Approach with an Integrated Assessment Component
Iris Dilli, Hans-Jürgen Hoffmann
EXPOSE: An HCI-Counseling Tool for User Interface Designers
Peter Gorny
Guidebook: Design Guidelines Database for Assisting the Interface Design Task
Katsuhiko Ogawa, Kaori Ueno
HalCIon: Designing for People
Daniel Crow
HyperSAM: A Management Tool for Large User Interface Guideline Sets
Renato Iannella
IDA: User Interface Design Assistance
Harald Reiterer
Andy Cohen
SIERRA: An Interactive System for Ergonomic Realization of Applications
Jean Vanderdonckt


Does Information Technology Make Us Smarter? If So, How; If Not, Why Not?
Mark Cashman


Launching the Usability Approach: Experience at Helsinki University of Technology
Marja-Riitta Koivunen, Marko Nieminen & Sirpa Riihiaho
The Human Factors of Speech-Based Interfaces: A Research Agenda
James H. Bradford
Programmable Applications: Interpreter Meets Interface
Michael Eisenberg


Cost Justifying Usability
Book Review by Dennis Wixon
Views and Feelings
Steven Pemberton

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SIGCHI Bulletin
Vol.27 No.2, April 1995
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