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SIGCHI Bulletin
Vol.30 No.2, April 1998
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April 1998

A Farewell to the Apple Advanced Technology Group

From the Editor: Not With a Whimper
Steven Pemberton


From the Chairs: Action Required From You!
Mike Atwood and Guy Boy
World-Wide CHI: SIGCHI International Advisory Task Force
Guy Boy
Education: A Psychologist Astray in Computer Science
Marilyn Mantei-Tremaine
Standards: Update on Recent HCI and Usability Standards
Harry E. Blanchard
Visual Interaction Design: Universal Design
Frank Marchak
Local SIGs: Reaching Out and Being Reached
Richard I. Anderson
Kids and Computers: Two Weeks in the Life of a Technology Teacher
Angela Boltman
Students: The Graphical User Interface: An Introduction
Bernard J. Jansen


Toward an HCI Research and Practice Agenda based on Human Needs and Social Responsibility
Michael J. Muller and Cathleen Wharton
Speech User Interface Design Challenges
Susan Boyce, Demetrios Karis, Amir ManÚ, Nicole Yankelovich
Graphical User Interfaces For Hierarchies
Louis C. Vroomen
ESP 7: Empirical Studies of Programmers
Jean Scholtz
Tailorable Groupware
Anders M°rch, Oliver Stiemerlieng, Volker Wulf
Usability Engineering 2: Measurement and Methods
Laura L. Downey, Sharon J. Laskowski, Elizabeth A. Buie, William E. Hefley

SPECIAL FEATURE: A Farewell to the Apple Advanced Technology Group

An Introduction to the Special SIGCHI Bulletin Issue
James R. Miller
The ATG Knowledge Management Technologies Laboratory
Daniel M. Russell
An Overview of the ATG Intelligent Systems Program
James R. Miller
From Documents to Objects: An Overview of LiveDoc
James R. Miller and Thomas Bonura
Drop Zones: An Extension to LiveDoc
Thomas Bonura and James R. Miller
An Architecture for Content Analysis of Documents
Branimir Boguraev, Christopher Kennedy, & Sascha Brawer
Dynamic Document Presentation
Branimir Boguraev and Rachel Bellamy
An Online Digital Photography Course for High School Teachers
Bonnie Nardi, Brian Reilly, & Reinhold Steinbeck
Hit Squads & Bug Meisters
Shilpa V. Shukla
Beyond Search: The Information Access Research Group at Apple
Daniel E. Rose
User Experience Research Group
Daniel M. Russell
Rapid Prototyping of Awareness Services Using a Shared Information Server
William F. Walker
Interaction-Driven Speech Input
Jerome R. Bellegarda
The ATG Learning Communities Laboratory: An Overview
N. Rao Machiraju
Learning Conversations
Rachel Bellamy and Kristina Woolsey
In Search of Design Principles for Tools and Practices to Support Communication within a Learning Community
Stephanie Houde, Rachel Bellamy, and Laureen Leahy
Interface Issues in Text Based Chat Rooms
Brian J. Roddy and Hernan Epelman-Wang
ATG Education Research: The Authoring Tools Thread
Jim Spohrer
Unfamiliar Ground: Designing Technology to Support Rural Healthcare Workers in India
Mike Graves, Sally Grisedale, and Alexander GrŘnsteidl
A History of the Apple Human Interface Group
S. Joy Mountford
Discourse Architecture
Jed Harris and Austin Henderson


The Real World: Key States in Ranges
Lon Barfield
Views and Feelings: Teenagers, Sex Education and Microsoft
Steven Pemberton

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SIGCHI Bulletin
Vol.30 No.2, April 1998
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