The SGW Cup (SGW杯中庸戦, `SGW Cup Moderate Battle') is a Swiss tournament sponsored by Saint Grande W Inc and the Nihon Ki-in. It was first held in 2018.

The participants are between 31 and 60 years old and have never won one of the seven major tournaments or the Ryusei or Agon-Kiriyama or SGW Cup.

Komi is 6.5. Time limits: For the preliminaries 20s per move, five times 1m. For the main tournament: 30s per move, ten times 1m.

# year winner runner-up sgf
1 2018 Rin Kanketsu Anzai Nobuaki B+R
2 2019 Ko Iso Mimura Tomoyasu B+R
3 2020 Kanazawa Hideo Kim Sujun B+R
4 2021 Han Zenki Okuda Aya B+3.5
5 2022 Tsuruyama Atsushi Anzai Nobuaki W+R