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Maja invites you to bekijkdepijp. Bo ontwerpt en produceert voorwerpen via 3D printen.

Injustice in the Netherlands

The sad case of Lucia de B.

Some mathematics

Distance-Regular Graphs

Algebraic Topology Course notes

Spectra of Graphs

Tables of directed strongly regular graphs

Conference photographs


IEED, a site with etymological dictionaries.

Games and Puzzles

A Java applet playing Japanese Puzzles (`Paint By Numbers'). And graded Japanese Puzzles, from one to nine stars. Solving *** is good.


Remarks on how to solve Sudoku puzzles.

Historical: a Sudoku from 1992.

NRC Sudokus.

A Sudoku* with 8 givens.

Button Madness

An applet that plays 4x4 Button Madness. A list of MAD numbers. And info on the game played on a rectangular board.


Badukmovies. Note on "Mathematical Go". A collection of pro games. Pro games that ended in triple ko or quadruple ko or eternal life. Living with false eyes. Cho's 900 elementary problems. The go ratings of European players. A go rating utility (C source). The rank progression of Japanese profs. Notes on the conversion of Japanese dates to the Western calendar. Notes on the SGF file format. A variation of the SGF file format. Notes on the UGF/UGI/UGZ format. A collection of SGF utilities and docs. Some remarks on sgfcount, an attempt to determine the final score of a game given the SGF file. A bug report on the Gnugo scoring option. Statistics on the length of a go game. On the distribution of the moves. On the use of signatures.


The original Hack 1.0.3 distribution.

Computer intro


Computers, security, crypto

Installation and security of ADSL and Alcatel Speed Touch ethernet modem (Dutch).

How to decrypt the Dutch telephone CD-ROM, a story (Dutch) and programs (C).

Docs on John the Ripper (a password cracker).


Description of the treatment of #! lines in various Unix-like operating systems.

Some Linux stuff

Large disks

The Large Disk HOWTO.

A formal description of DOS-type partition tables.

A list of all known partition types.

Keyboard stuff

The Keyboard and Console FAQ.

A list of scancodes for PC keyboards.

Information on Linux screen font formats.

Information on OCR under Linux .