Globis Cup

The Globis Cup (グロービス杯世界囲碁U-20) is a tournament for players not older than 20 years. There are 16 participants: 6 from Japan, 3 from Korea, 3 from China, 1 from Taipei, 1 from Europe, 1 from America, and 1 from Oceania.

Komi is 6.5.

The links in the first column of the table below give information on the individual tournaments.

# year winner 2nd 3rd
1 2014 Ichiriki Ryo (JP) Kyo Kagen (JP) Lian Xiao (CN)
2 2015 Huang Yunsong (CN) Na Hyun (KR) Li Qincheng (CN)
3 2016 Li Qincheng (CN) Kyo Kagen (JP) Byun Sangil (KR)
4 2017 Shin Jinseo (KR) Byun Sangil (KR) Ichiriki Ryo (JP)
5 2018 Xu Jiayang (CN) Shin Minjun (KR) Shin Jinseo (KR)
6 2019 Shin Minjun (KR) Wang Zejin (CN) Ding Hao (CN)
7 2020 Moon Minjong (KR) Li Weiqing (CN) Liao Yuanhe (CN)
8 2021 Wang Xinghao (CN) Tu Xiaoyu (CN) Park Sangjin (KR)
9 2022 Wang Xinghao (CN) Fukuoka Kotaro (JP) Tu Xiaoyu (CN)
10 2023 Han Woojin (KR) Wang Xinghao (CN) Tu Xiaoyu (CN)