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Senior researcher at the Database Architectures research group of CWI and professor at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the special chair of Large-Scale Analytical Data Management (about my research). Architect of the database systems MonetDB, VectorWise (aka Actian Vector) and VectorH (VectorWise-on-Hadoop). Have been involved in 3 spin-off companies in the area of data management.

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Hiring: I tend to have PhD and post-doc positions open for cutting-edge research in the topics outlined below. Approach me (email boncz at cwi dot nl) to apply.


For Amsterdam Data Science I have been developing new education in Big Data technologies, teaching the architectural principles of frameworks like Hadoop and Spark, and how to use these to analyze large datasets on clusters in the cloud (together with Hannes Muehleisen): Prior to this, I used to teach the Databases bachelor course at VU, and even earlier the Database II course at UvA.

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Post-Docs: PhD Students: MSc Students: Many of these student's I co-advised. In the case of Marcin and Menzo, this involved Martin Kersten. For the other students, it varies (check the thesis contents).

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