Advanced Strategic Game Theory


The course will start on 2nd of April 2013.
The last lecture will take place Friday, 24th of May 2013.

The course will take place at Science Park:
Tuesdays 15-17 in the room A1.04
Fridays 11-13 in the room D1.114
(except April 26 - then it is in A1.04, and May 17 - then it is in D1.113)


Krzysztof R. Apt

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Really basic knowledge of linear algebra and calculus. Some maturity in following the mathematical arguments.


The aim of this course is to introduce the main concepts concerned with strategic games (sometimes called non-cooperative games) and illustrate them by an analysis of various example games.


Strategic games deal with the analysis of interaction between rational players, where rationality is understood as utility maximization. In strategic games the players take their actions simultaneously and the utility (payoff) for each player depends on the resulting joint action.

The course will introduce the basic concepts, such as pure and mixed strategies, best response, Nash equilibrium, strictly and weakly dominated strategies, Pareto efficient outcome, rationalizability, pre-Bayesian games, and Bayesian games. Also other forms of equilibria will also be studied.

We shall discuss such well-known examples as the prisoner's dilemma, beauty contest games, and tragedy of the commons. Also, we shall use the introduced concepts to analyze some well-known examples of strategic games studied in economics: Cournot competition, Bernard competition and location game. Other classes of games will include congestion games and social network games.

Finally, we shall consider mechanism design, the aim of which is to arrange the economic interactions in such a way that when everyone behaves in a self-interested manner, the result is satisfactory for everybody.

Grading Information

  • Final grades (posted 4 June 2013) Important notice: All exams are open book exams. Computers are also allowed.

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    Assignment 4 Deadline: 14 May 2013, 15:01 Solution
    Assignment 5 Deadline: 21 May 2013, 15:01 Solution

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    Course material

    - Resources on Game Theory

    - Lecture Notes

    from most of the lectures will be added here.

    Nash Equilibria and Social Optima notes
    Strict Dominance notes
    Weak Dominance and Never Best Responses notes
    Regret Minimization and Security Strategies notes
    Strictly Competitive Games notes
    Mixed Extensions notes
    Elimination by Mixed Strategies notes
    Alternative Concepts notes
    Mechanism Design notes

    Lecture Notes as one file

    - Slides

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