The NHK Cup is a blitz Go tournament broadcast on radio (before 1963) or TV. The thinking time is 30 seconds per move, with 10 additional 1-minute periods for each player.

The number of participants was 8 (#1-#13), 16 (#14-#24), 26 (#25-#28) and 50 (from #29 on).

Komi was 4.5 (#1-#2), 5.5 (#3-#50), 6.5 (from #51 on).

We give links to subpages for the yearly NHK tournaments (in the first column), and the finals.

NrYearWinnerOpponent sgf
11954Shimamura ToshihiroTakagawa Shukaku B+1.5
21955Iwamoto KaoruFujisawa Hosai B+R
31956Hashimoto UtaroSakata Eio B+R
41957Sakata EioFujisawa Hosai B+R
51958Sakata EioKitani Minoru B+4.5
61959Sakata EioTakagawa Shukaku W+R
71960Kitani MinoruFujisawa Hosai B+2.5
81961Sakata EioKitani Minoru W+3.5
91962Sakata EioHashimoto Utaro W+R
101963Hashimoto UtaroFujisawa Hideyuki W+0.5
111964Sakata EioFujisawa Hideyuki W+R
121965Sakata EioMiyashita Hidehiro B+6.5
131966Takagawa ShūkakuFujisawa Hideyuki W+R
141967Hashimoto ShojiFujisawa Hosai W+R
151968Otake HideoHashimoto Shoji B+R
161969Fujisawa HideyukiFujisawa Hosai W+R
171970Rin KaihoSakata Eio B+0.5
181971Otake HideoIshida Yoshio B+R
191972Sakata EioOtake Hideo B+R
201973Otake HideoHashimoto Shoji W+10.5
211974Rin KaihoKato Masao W+R
221975Otake HideoTakemiya Masaki W+R
231976Sakata EioGo Seigen W+R
241977Sakata EioTakemiya Masaki B+R
251978Rin KaihoOhira Shuzo B+R
261979Tono HiroakiTakagi Shoichi B+R
271980Hashimoto ShojiCho Chikun B+2.5
281981Fujisawa HideyukiTakagi Shoichi B+R
291982Sakata EioSugiuchi Masao W+R
301983Cho ChikunOtake Hideo W+0.5
311984Honda KunihisaTakemiya Masaki W+5.5
321985Hashimoto ShojiIshida Yoshio B+2.5
331986Kobayashi KoichiTakemiya Masaki B+R
341987Ishida YoshioRin Kaiho B+2.5
351988Kato MasaoO Rissei B+R
361989Takemiya MasakiKobayashi Satoru B+R
371990Ishida YoshioOtake Hideo W+10.5
381991Yoda NorimotoO Meien B+R
391992Cho ChikunO Rissei B+R
401993Yoda NorimotoKato Masao W+R
411994Otake HideoKato Masao B+6.5
421995Kobayashi SatoruKiyonari Tetsuya B+4.5
431996Cho ChikunKobayashi Satoru B+0.5
441997O RisseiKobayashi Koichi B+7.5
451998Yoda NorimotoHonda Kunihisa W+11.5
461999Yoda NorimotoTono Hiroaki B+R
472000Yoda NorimotoImamura Toshiya W+7.5
482001Ishida YoshioCho Chikun B+2.5
492002Cho UHane Naoki B+R
502003Mimura TomoyasuO Rissei W+R
512004Kobayashi KoichiCho Chikun B+3.5
522005Cho UYoda Norimoto W+R
532006Hane NaokiImamura Toshiya B+R
542007Cho ChikunYuki Satoshi B+3.5
552008Cho UCho Chikun B+0.5
562009Yuki SatoshiTakemiya Masaki B+R
572010Yuki SatoshiIyama Yuta B+3.5
582011Yamada KimioYoda Norimoto B+6.5
592012Yuki SatoshiHane Naoki W+5.5
602013Yuki SatoshiIyama Yuta W+9.5
612014Yuki SatoshiKono Rin W+R
622015Ida AtsushiIchiriki Ryo B+R
632016Cho UTerayama Rei B+R
642017Iyama YutaIchiriki Ryo W+R
652018Iyama YutaShida Tatsuya B+0.5
662019Ichiriki RyoIyama Yuta W+R
672020Iyama YutaIchiriki Ryo W+R
682021Ichiriki RyoYu Zhengqi B+R
692022Ichiriki RyoTakao Shinji W+0.5
702023Seki Kotaro Ichiriki Ryo W+0.5
712024Ichiriki Ryo Seki Kotaro W+R

Honorary title

Players who won the NHK Cup at least ten times get the Honorary NHK Cup title. So far the only one is Sakata Eio (who won 11 times).