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Ronald de Wolf

(My last name is "de Wolf", alphabetically ordered at `W'. It's not "Wolf", "De Wolf", "DeWolf", "deWolf", "Dewolf", "de Wolff", "deWolfe", "deWoolf")

Address     CWI
            Visiting address: Science Park 123, 1098 XG Amsterdam
            Postal address: P.O. Box 94079, 1090 GB Amsterdam 
            The Netherlands
Office      L234 (2nd floor of the new wing of the CWI building)
Telephone   020-5924078 (+31 20 5924078)
E-mail      rdewolf at cwidotnl

We have funding for a postdoc in quantum computing (specifically: quantum algorithms and complexity, incl. quantum communication and learning theory).
Foreign students: I don't supervise undergrad summer internships unless they are exceptionally well in tune with my research, so please don't send me your generic internship applications.

I am a researcher at the Algorithms and Complexity group of CWI (Dutch Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science) and part-time full professor at the ILLC of the University of Amsterdam. I'm also a member of QuSoft. A long time ago I was a PhD student at CWI and ILLC, and then a postdoc at UC Berkeley. My main scientific interests are quantum computing and complexity theory.


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Quantum computation

Quantum communication

Locally decodable codes, private information retrieval, error-correcting data structures

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Inductive logic programming

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